My name is Alexander Stein. I am a 2014 graduate from the University of Oregon with a B.S in Computer Science. I was born in Enterprise, Oregon and currently reside in Seattle, Washington. Most recently, I worked in Salem, Oregon as a Software Developer for the Department of Justice with a focus on the child support programs.

Most of my own studies into computer science and programming have been rooted in software development and coding practices, although it is my goal for the immediate future to branch out and explore other areas of my field such as security and artificial intelligence.

In my free time I enjoy photography, composing music, and general sciencey things. I have a Nikon D5100 DSLR which I use to take my photographs along with 18-55mm, 55mm-200mm, and 40mm Micro Nikkor lenses. In particular, I enjoy photographing living organisms which ties into my own interest in organismal and evolutionary biology. I am also working on a conlang (constructed language) as a side project.
For samples of my code, check out my Github account below.

Other places online where I can be found:

The Site

I created this website partially as an online portfolio to showcase my own projects. The other reason I created this site for was as an exercise for myself as a budding developer in design. The latter reason is also why I forwent using more "automatic" site building frameworks in favor of a more "hands-on" one like CodeIgniter. So a large amount of the user-end presentational code is my own.

In practice and in real world development high-powered frameworks are of course invaluable, but I feel just as a personal exercise it's always useful to try and implement systems on my own from time to time as practice to force me to think about design decisions, and also to give me a better idea on how such system functions and the work that goes into designing them. This was also a practice in interface design for me. It was my goal for the site to have a clean, uncluttered, modern look to it, since user experience is a very important element to development.

Tools and Frameworks

  • Site was coded using Bare Bones Software's BBEdit.
  • CodeIgniter was used as the PHP framework.
  • Less.js for allowing CSS creation to be handled more programmatically.
  • jQuery used for element manipulation and event handling.
  • RequireJS was used for modularization of Javascript code.
  • AngularJS for templating and for implementing MVC-based pages.
  • MySQL as back-end storage.